Your Support Means the World to Me

Gavin, Kimberly, and Family, Upstate NY 2018
I took this selfie on a family trip to Upstate NY in 2018. Ignore the hairy guy and just look at those faces!

I really love what I do on YouTube and spend all of my waking hours outside of my day job doing it. If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways to do it.

PayPal is 100% direct support, so it is the very best way to support me. Be sure to select "for family/friends" so PayPal knows you're sending me a gift, not paying for a product or service.

 Tip Jar

I'm not a coffee drinker (our mods areā€”see below), so this is my version of "Buy Me a Coffee" without the coffee. Each transaction only costs me about 3%, so this is the next best way to make sure the vast majority of your support makes it to me.

Thank you so much!

 Become a Patron

Patreon is a terrific way to support my work! It only costs $3/month and it gives you access to all of the case fales and documents on my website.

Patreon's take is about 12%. Each $3 patron makes a huge difference! Without my patrons, I wouldn't be able to purchase so many case files.

 YouTube 'Supers'

You can support my work during my livestreams by clicking on the $ near the bottom left of the chat box, where you can purchase a SuperChat or SuperSticker. If you click the heart with the $, you can buy a SuperThanks.

Keep in mind that YouTube's take is 30% on all "Super" donations.

 YouTube Membership

YouTube members get loyalty badges next to their names, which really sets them apart during livestreams. They also have access to special emojis and enjoy members-only livestreams each month.

YouTube's take is 50% of the revenue that comes in from memberships. Still, the support is deeply appreciated!

 Watch My Videos

Watching my videos and participating in the live chat (and the replay chat, for that matter) is a terrific and free way to support my work. By watching all of my livestreams and videos, you're telling YouTube to show my work to other people, which helps our community grow! Please be sure to subscribe, like, and share to maximize your power.

 Buy Mods a Coffee

Unlike me, our moderators love coffee! Please consider supporting them for all the hard work they do for our community!

Did you know they do it for free??? Please support them!

Let's Chat About Our Moderators

Moderators play a crucial role in maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment for our community during livestreams and in video comments. You can identify moderators by the blue wrench icon next to their names.

Our moderators have the authority to remove, time out, or hide any comments that do not align with our community values.

While we encourage open dialogue, we strictly prohibit aggressive and unkind language, victim blaming, harassing or bullying, or attacking me or any community member.

Our lead moderators, Jayme and Autumn, will let me know if they need more help keeping the community safe and fun. When they do, we might reach out to you!

Our amazing team of moderators includes Judi Fisher, xGothicBreenax, Average John, TateThoughts, and ICU ER RN.

Please spoil our mods rotten by buying them a cup or three of coffee!