CrimeCon UK 2024
21 Sep 09:00 AM
Until 22 Sep, 06:00 PM 1d 9h

CrimeCon UK 2024

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The Ultimate True Crime Event

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True Crime is so much more than murder recreations and dramatic courtroom showdowns. This genre is rich with real-life stories of triumph and tragedy; heartbreak and heroism. It runs the gamut from the criminal mind, to the criminal act, to the criminal justice system leaping into action. It’s about psychology, victimology, and methodology. It covers seemingly unrelated disciplines as wide-ranging as science, art, and history. And it’s always changing, evolving, and mirroring what is happening in society at large.

And that is where CrimeCon comes in.

From the latest cases to the latest scientific techniques. From the newest TV shows and docs to the best podcasts in the world. And from deep-dives into topics you didn’t even know existed. CrimeCon is the platform that delivers it all.

Our events are equal parts education and experience. Whether you're interested in wrongful convictions, forensic linguistics, cold cases, or the latest in forensic science, we work hard to curate a wide-ranging program that has something for everyone and combines hands-on learning with plenty of chances to have fun meeting speakers, podcasters, and other fans.

But no matter what our program has in store, hardly a day goes by that our team doesn’t think about the fact that we cover things that often involve the worst day of someone’s life. Respect for victims, families, and law enforcement is always at the forefront of everything we do.

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No one under 18 admitted.