Patron Case Suggestions

Making content that you want to watch is my #1 priority. As one of my patrons, I commit to you that I'll work on the cases that are important to you first. That's why I've made this patron-only page on my website!

Use this form to alert me to the case that you want me to cover in a YouTube video or series. If you see a case that somebody else has suggested, and you think it's a good idea for me to check into it, be sure to vote that suggestion up. Likewise, if you see a previous suggestion that you don't think should be covered, vote that one down. I'll prioritize cases based on their votes. Here are a couple of things that are very important to me when researching a case, in order of importance:

  1. Has somebody been deprived of justice?
  2. Is the case open or closed?
    • Sometimes cases can be closed officially but justice still hasn't been served 100% For example, a case where a criminal has been convicted of a violent crime against one victim, but there are other victims of the same criminal that the criminal didn't get convicted of.
  3. Are there documents that are available to research?
    • You may be in possession of documents such as death certificates, autopsy reports, toxicology reports, etc.
    • The suspect may have been convicted of other offenses (see #2 above), which would give us access to court records in the previous conviction.
    • There has already been an exhaustive search by a previous investigator that is no longer able or willing to help.
  4. How old is the case?

If you are in possession of documents and/or photos in the case you want me to investigate, please email me at the email address listed on my Patreon page. Please keep the email address confidential as my inbox gets flooded daily from my contact page. I don't want your email to get lost.

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