Breana Noojin Nix

Ellen Rae Greenberg


Monday, March 2, 2020

Suspected Homicide

Warrior, AL




Registered Nurse

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At about noon on Monday, March 2nd, 2020, Brittany Noojin received a call from her brother-in-law, Steven Nix. He told her that her sister, 32-year-old Breana, a registered nurse, had tried to kill herself and that she needed to get over to their house as soon as possible. Brittany drove as quickly as she could to her sister’s house, shaving off precious moments by running red lights. During the entire trip, which usually took about 25 minutes, she was praying that her sister would start breathing.

When she arrived on-scene, Brittany saw emergency responders in the bathroom trying to revive Breana. All the while, she says, Steven was fixated on trying remove the bathroom garbage. When police asked him to help them unlock Breana’s phone, he wouldn’t give them the code. Brittany knew it, though, and gave it to them. When they unlocked the phone, it opened up to a Facebook video that Breana had been watching.

Steven’s behavior was more than strange over the following few days. He claimed to have discovered Fentanyl vials and needles that he didn’t know about in her purse and underwear drawer. The needles were 18 and 25 gauge sizes, way larger than are used to inject oneself with illicit drugs. That’s something Breana would have known. None of the evidence he "discovered" was there the day before when Brittany and her mom were looking for funeral clothing for Breana. When a friend asked to see a photo of the vials, Steven took one and sent it to her. She checked with the Princeton Medical Center, the hospital where Breana worked as a nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, to see if they stocked that kind of vial. They did not.

Brittany went to the funeral home to do her late sister’s hair and makeup. Once there, she discovered bruises all over her sister’s body. Many of the bruises were fresh and they looked like they had come from an object like a club or stick. There were defensive bruises on her hands. There were over 80 needle puncture wounds on her body, all of them new, some of which in places where Breana couldn't have reached with her dominant hand. There weren’t any old track marks.

Steven’s behavior worsened. He was seen just two days after Breana’s death in the company of an old girlfriend, someone with whom Steven had cheated on Breana. The following week, the two were seen sharing a meal together in public. By that summer, the woman had moved in.

Steven began buying expensive things: a new shop, pickup truck upgrades, a new zero turn lawnmower, flashy boots. He had scored a windfall of $160,000 in insurance money when Breana died, money he quickly moved to claim. It took him over a year after his wife's death to have a headstone for her grave delivered.

Brittany and her parents suspect homicide, but the medical examiner ruled her death an accidental combination of several drugs, most of which were well within therapeutic levels of drugs she had been prescribed. There was, however, a large amount of fentanyl in her body; almost twice the amount that would be lethal.


Evidence Photos

Case Documents


Search Warrant Application, Affidavit, and Return for Steven’s Truck

March 2, 2020

Search Warrant Application, Affidavit, and Return for Outside Trash

March 2, 2020

Search Warrant Application, Affidavit, and Return for Breana’s Phone

March 2, 2020

Toxicology Report

May 22, 2020

Death Certificate

May 28, 2020

Letter From Alabama Attorney General’s Office

December 3, 2021

Letter From Alabama Dept. of Forensic Sciences

January 4, 2022


In a case where so little actual documentation is available, this timeline has been pieced together from statements to me (Gavin) by Brittany Noojin, Breana Noojin Nix's sister, along with a few other anonymous witness statements and a some documents.
February 25, 2020

Steven Nix’s Erratic and Inappropriate Behavior

Breana’s sister, Brittany Noojin, states that Steven Nix frequently behaved inappropriately. On February 25, less than a week before his wife’s death, Steven Nix sent a text to Brittany Noojin that said, “If your sister ask if you ordered us a sex swing, tell her yes and that it’ll be here Friday sometime. I’ve for her fired the F up about it 🤣 Matter of fact in about 15min text her and say, Hey just a FYI y’all’s swing should be in Friday 😜”

March 2, 20207:53 AM

Phone Call from Steven Nix to Breana Noojin Nix

According to witnesses, it was uncommon for Steven Nix to be awake early in the morning. However, phone records on the day of Breana Noojin Nix’s death showed that Steven Nix had made a phone call to Breana Noojin Nix at 7:53 AM. When police asked him about the details of this call, witnesses say that he claimed that he must have been awakened and called her, but he didn’t remember it.

March 2, 2020no later than 11:48 AM

Deputy Leslie Moore Leaves Post at Oneonta Dam

The time on this is approximate. Witnesses say that Steven Nix’s uncle, Leslie Moore, who is a Deputy Sheriff in Blount County, AL, was already on-scene when EMS personnel arrived. Witnesses also say that Deputy Moore was on-duty that morning at Oneonta Dam, which is approximately 30 minutes away from Steven & Breana’s house. EMS arrived at 12:18 PM, so Deputy Moore would have left the dam no later than 11:48 AM, indicating that Breana Noojin Nix was likely dead by that time.

March 2, 202012:02 PM

Steven Nix Sends Brittany a Seemingly Innocuous Text

Brittany Noojin had just purchased a new car, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult to get the car registered. Steven Nix sent Brittany this text at 12:02 PM: “Did you figure out where to go to get your tag at the school?” The strangeness of this text is punctuated by the fact that Steven Nix had already called his uncle, Deputy Leslie Moore, to the house due to an emergency at least 14 minutes earlier.

March 2, 202012:12 PM

Steven Nix Calls 911

The 911 call recording has not been released to the public due to HIPAA laws, but we do know that Steven Nix called 911 at twelve minutes past noon.

March 2, 202012:14 PM

Emergency Medical Service Personnel are Dispatched

EMS personnel are dispatched to Steven Nix & Breana Noojin Nix’s house in response to the 911 call.

March 2, 202012:18 PM

Emergency Medical Service Personnel Arrive at the House

According to an anonymous source, EMS personnel arrived at Steven Nix & Breana Noojin Nix’s house four minutes after they were dispatched.

March 2, 2020about 12:19 PM

Police Arrive at the House

The time on this is approximate. According to a witness, Police arrived “within moments” of EMS arriving. I estimate that to be at about 12:19 PM, but it could be a few minutes later. When they arrived, they noted that Deputy Leslie Moore was already there in uniform, corroborated by a member of the EMS team.

March 2, 202012:21 PM

Steven Nix Calls Mother-in-law

According to Brittany Noojin, Steven Nix called her mother, Ginger Thomas, and asked if she was sitting down. He then told her that her daughter, Breana, had killed herself.

March 2, 202012:23 PM

Steven Nix Calls Brittany Noojin

The next call Steven Nix made was to his sister-in-law, Brittany Noojin. He told her, “Your sister’s done tried to kill herself. You better get over here.”

March 2, 202012:42 PM

Brittany Noojin Arrives at the House

The time is approximate. Brittany left immediately after Steven Nix called her. It was normally a 25 minute drive, but she traveled at a high speed and ran red lights to get there as quickly as she could. She estimated that it took 19 to 20 minutes to get there. When she arrived, Steven’s parents, Geoff Nix and Debbie Nix, along with his sister, Eady Nix, were already there.

March 2, 2020shortly after 12:42 PM

Eady Nix Leaves the House

Shortly after Brittany Noojin arrived on-scene, she noticed that Eady Nix, Steven Nix’s sister, left the house and was gone for about an hour.

March 2, 202012:54 PM

Breana is Pronounced Dead

After unsuccessful efforts to revive her, including the use of an intraosseous device in her leg, Breana was pronounced dead. According to witnesses, her body was already cold when emergency responders arrived.

March 2, 20201:00 PM

Investigators Look at Breana Noojin Nix’s Phone

Time is approximate. Investigators asked Steven Nix for the code to unlock Breana’s phone. He refused to give it to them. Brittany, however, knew the code and provided it to the police. When they unlocked her phone, it showed a halfway-played Facebook video.

March 2, 20201:45 PM

Eady Nix Returns to the House

Time is approximate. Brittany Noojin noted that Eady Nix wasn’t at the house when Breana Noojin Nix was pronounced dead, and didn’t return for about an hour.

March 2, 2020about 3:30 PM

Coroner Removes Breana’s Body

Time is approximate. After finishing their preliminary investigation, coroners removed Breana’s body from her house.

March 2, 20207:00 PM

Steven Nix Calls Brittany Noojin

Time is approximate. Steven Nix called Brittany Noojin to tell her that the reason there was a call from him at 7:53 that morning to Breana was because he wanted to pull a prank on her. He didn’t specify what the prank was. While he had her on the phone, he told her that he went through Breana’s phone and found searches for “how to kill yourself” and “how to kill your dogs.”

March 3, 2020about 5:30 PM

Brittany Noojin Gets Clothes for Breana Noojin Nix

Brittany Noojin and her mom, Ginger Thomas, went over the Steven Nix & Breana Noojin Nix’s house to get a dress and some underwear for Breana to be dressed in at the funeral home. They went through her closet and drawers, and spent a good amount of time in the underwear drawer specifically. They saw no evidence of drugs or needles, nor did they see a bloody napkin.

March 4, 202010:30 AM

Funeral Home Arrangements

Brittany Noojin and her mom, Ginger Thomas, along with Steven Nix and his parents, Geoff Nix and Debbie Nix, go to the funeral home to make arrangements for Breana Noojin Nix’s burial and service. Brittany believes Breana’s body was at the funeral home at this time.

March 4, 20202:44 PM

A Strange Phone Call

Brittany Noojin received a call from Steven Nix, in which he asks her to come over to the house because he has something to show her. Brittany drives over to the house immediately.

March 4, 2020shortly after 3:00 PM

Two Vials of Fentanyl

When Brittany Noojin arrived at Steven Nix and Breana Noojin Nix’s house, Steven’s parents, Geoff Nix and Debbie Nix, and his sister, Eady Nix, were already there. Steven took Brittany into a back bedroom and told her that his sister had been going through things in the guest room and had found two vials of Fentanyl, which he showed her. He also had found a Tide Pod bag of needles, which she didn’t see. Later, a friend asked for photos of the vials, which Steven sent to her. She compared the vials to Fentanyl vial used at Princeton Medical Center, the hospital where Breana Noojin Nix worked as a nurse. They didn’t match. A person at the hospital stated that they had never seen such vials at the hospital before. After talking with Steven in the back room, Brittany and Steven went out on the front porch where his parents and sisters were. Brittany said she was going back to the funeral home to do Breana’s hair and makeup. Steven’s parents begged her not to go, telling her they didn’t want her to have to see Breana after the autopsy.

March 4, 2020late at night

Old Girlfriend Seen at House

Stacie Roberson, a woman with whom Steven Nix had cheated on Breana Noojin Nix prior to their marriage, was witnessed at Steven and Breana’s house. A week later, they are seen in public sharing a meal.

March 5, 2020

Brittany Makes a Horrific Discovery

Brittany Noojin went over to the funeral home to do Breana’s hair and makeup. When she got there, staff members showed her the state of Breana Noojin Nix’s body. There were bruises all over her legs, feet, arms, hands, and torso. The bruises were new and dark, though there were some that looked faded as if they were several days old. Her right hand had defensive marks and bruises. Brittany had seen Breana in a sleeveless top several days prior to her death, and those bruises weren’t on her. More disturbing, though, were the fresh needle marks all over her body that were made with a large gauge needle. Over 80 of them that they could count. There were no old track marks on Breana’s body. Brittany then photographed her sister’s body as evidence. These photos have been shared with me (Gavin). I have seen them and can testify that Brittany’s description of the wounds on Breana’s body is accurate. She wishes not to disclose them publicly.

March 5, 2020

The Haircut Conversation

Shocked by what she had seen at the funeral home, Brittany Noojin still took a call from Steven Nix later that day. During their short conversation, Steven told her that he needed a haircut. Brittany replied that her son needed one, too. “Good,” Steven said. “Tell him he can come with me and get some titties rubbed on him, too.” Then he laughed.

March 6, 202010:30 AM

Family Visitation

Breana Noojin Nix’s memorial service began in the morning with a family visitation.

March 6, 20201:00 PM

Funeral Service

During the funeral, Brittany Noojin noticed that Steven Nix was on his phone nearly the entire time. He didn’t greet or speak to anybody. She said he looked to pretend to cry, but there weren’t any tears.

March 6, 20202:30 PM


Breana Noojin was laid to rest at Mount Zion Cemetery.

March 6, 20207:00 PM

Steven Nix States He Can Get Away with Anything

Steven Nix went over to Brittany Noojin’s house to hang out with friends after the funeral. At one point in the evening, Steven went outside to smoke with the husband of one of Brittany’s friends. Steven told this man that he knows a lot of people high up in Blount County and that he could get away with anything he wants. The man, who is a police officer, said he seemed guilty of something. When Steven discovered that the man was a police officer, his demeanor changed and he left the gathering.

March 7, 2020

“Discovery” of More Needles

Brittany Noojin expressed that she wanted a few items that belonged to Breana Noojin Nix. Specifically, Brittany wanted a purse that she had gifted her sister in 2019. Steven asked Brittany to come over and pick up the purse. When she got there, there was a smaller purse that Brittany sensed Steven really wanted her to open. When she did, there was a used needle inside. There was blood on the needle that was still bright. The only other item in the purse was a receipt from 2017. Brittany states that Breana only used the purse she gave her from 2019 on. After the discovery, Brittany asked Steven to reenact the events the day Breana died. She then asked if she could have a sweatshirt or something else that was her sister’s. She went directly to Breana’s underwear drawer, opened it up, and “discovered” more needles and a bloody napkin. Brittany knew that they hadn’t been in that drawer three days earlier because she and her mom had gone through that drawer looking for underwear for Breana to be dressed in at the funeral home.

March 10, 2020

More Bizarre Behavior by Steven Nix

Brittany Noojin received a text from Steven Nix, which said, “Should I keep all these dang high-dollar sex toys, or what should I do? Crazy question to be asking my sister-in-law. LOL”

May 22, 2020

Toxicology Report is Published

The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences published a Toxicological Analysis Report in the case of the death of Breana Noojin Nix. The report shows 43 ng/mL of Amitriptyline, 73 ng/mL of Amphetamine, the presence of Sertraline and its metabilite, norsertraline. Breana was prescribed anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications, including Adderall. This accounts for the therapeutic levels of these drugs in her system. During their investigation, detectives went through all of her medications and found that it didn’t appear that Breana was abusing prescription drugs. However, in addition to these results, the toxicology report found 5.1ng/mL of Fentanyl in Breana’s blood. I’ve (Gavin) been told that 3 ng/mL would have been a lethal dose.

June 2, 2020

Death Certificate Issued

When speaking to medical examiners, I’ve been told that the opinion they write in an autopsy report is almost completely based on the circumstance of the death. They read the reports that are furnished to them by the investigative agencies, such as the Sheriff’s office and the Coroner’s office. The immediate cause of death noted on Breana Noojin Nix’s death certificate, which is based on the autopsy report, is “Overdose.” The manner of death is listed as “Accident.” These findings don’t correspond to the condition of Breana’s body, leading me (Gavin) to conclude that the reports furnished, likely by the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, to the medical examiner are, in major part, flawed. To me, this smells of a cover-up.

Late June 2020

Life Insurance Policy

By the end of June, Steven Nix had received the money from Breana Noojin Nix’s life insurance policy. It is estimated that the policy paid out around $160,000. Shortly thereafter, Steven was noticeably making lavish purchases. He had a concrete pad poured on his property and had a new shop built. He bragged on facebook about upgrades he got for his pickup truck. He purchased a new zero turn lawnmower. He bought some expensive ostrich skin boots. Witnesses have said he rarely leaves his house, and is likely living off of the insurance money.

Summer 2020

Stacie Roberson Moves in With Steve

Witnesses state that by the end of Summer, less than 6 months after the death of his wife, Steven Nix’s former girlfriend, Stacie Roberson, moved in to the house that Steven and Breana Noojin Nix shared. Witnesses also say that they changed the names of Breana’s beloved dogs.

August 2020

Headstone Ordered

More than six months after the death of his wife, Breana Noojin Nix’s headstone is finally ordered by Steve. He tells people that he ordered it from overseas, so it would take a while to arrive.

April 2021

Headstone Installed

After more than a year, the headstone that Steven Nix ordered for Breana Noojin Nix’s final resting place is installed at last.