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A message from Leslie Brill Meserole:

Dear friends,

As you know, I've been fighting for justice for my daughter, Amanda Wienckowski, since the day I discovered she was missing. My heart has broken over and over as Erie County, NY has time and again declined to investigate or prosecute anyone who was involved with my angel daughter's murder.

It has been more than 15 years since Amanda's body was found discarded in a Buffalo garbage can. Each one of those 5613 days has been agony for me and my family. It's time we do something about it.

I've teamed up with Gavin to bring more attention to my sweet daughter's tragic story. We feel if we can bring enough attention to the case - specifically to the corruption and incompetence of the Erie County District Attorney's Office - we can use that attention to put pressure on District Attorney John Flynn... so much so that he'll have to reopen the case.

We need your help.

The first thing we need you to do is sign up to be a member of Amanda's Army. Use the form beneath my photo to input your name and email address.

What are we going to do your your name and email address? Well, first of all, we are never going to share or sell it. We're simply going to use it to send you alerts about Amanda's case, then we're going to ask you to share those alerts with everyone you know.

The more people we can inform, the more pressure we can put on DA Flynn.

Please join Amanda's Army today.



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